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On the 1st of December, Monday evening, in the frame of the 1st CITY-FILM-MEMORY gala, the FILMFUND GYŐR was introduced in Győr, in the Richter Hall, which had been a cinema from the 60's until the emergence of multiplexes. Now it is a concert hall but until the beginning of the gala, films took over the rule again to show the visual memory of Győr on long-stored celluloid rolls. The audience could also participate the high-level theatre and music programmes.

The main goal of the night was to show the activity of the Filmfund in an entertaining style. The visitors entered the hall on red carpet where the S8 and 16mm projectors behind transparent curtains ensured a nice athmosphere and they could meet Lara Croft and the heros of 'Sex and The City'.


Erzsébeth Tóth, the secretary of the Motion Picture Foundation of Hungary, called upon the audience to record the moments of the night with their mobile phones alluding that the event was just about visuality and visual memory. Dr. Rudolf Ottófi, the vice mayor of Győr, was talking about the long and short term influence of the Filmfund, like the workplace and economy generating impact of the future film shootings.


György Durst, double-Golden Palm winner producer in Cannes, the president of the MEDIAWAVE Foundation delineated the winners of the synopsys, short film and screenplay application of the Filmfund.

The aim of the application was to map the film makers' interest toward the region and the result was quite positive: we received 58 film plans and the screenplays of 23 feature films from Hungary and the neighbour countries. At the gala, the short fiction, animation and documentary films were awarded. The members of the jury were:

György DURST, producer,
Jenő HARTYÁNDI, festival director,
Tamás KOVÁCS, teacher,
János A. PÁLFALVY, teacher,
Géza SOMODI, journalist, vice chief editor,
László VILLÁNYI, poet, chief editor


Some technical data about the application: 58 short fiction, animation and documentary film plans were submitted from 31 film makers or crews. 12 film makers sent their works from the West Hungarain region, 9 from the city of Győr and 10 from Budapest. The other film plans came from South and South West Hungary.


The jury awarded Magdolna Tímár's documentary- short fiction film plan, 'Above Water, Under Water'. In short fiction film chategory, Orsolya Nagypál's 'Shampoo' and Éva Zabezsinszkij's 'Film' were awarded. The jury did not give an animation prize but mentioned Mihály Buzás and Csaba Szeredi's (Győr) serial of folk tales from the Szigetköz.


The FILMFUND GYŐR offers help (within our reach) in completing the films or screenplay writing not only for the winners but also for the other film makers. The Filmfund Győr offers studio workshop and consultation to the applicants.


In the rest of the night, Mihály Buzás and his street comedy theatre entertained the audience with a funny experiment when he tried to convince György Durst producer to support his gigantic film plan.

The incident was followed by the screenings of old newsreels recalling the history of Győr from the 1930's accompanied by a wind orchestra. Then the audience could get to know the Győr-related characters of the amateur film movement started in the 60's.


Dr. János Rechnitzer, the vice president of the SZE University of Győr, informed the spectactors about the new media faculty and audio visual training.

After this the audience watched the premier of Szilárd Horváth's film 'Just Man and Woman' from Győr, Mihály Buzás's feature, 'The Little Voyage' and György Molnár's 'Hip Criminals' which was shot in Győr.


The gala was finished by the concerts of György Ferenczi and the Rackajam who played New Orlenas blues and after a while the band became completed with the Colombre band from Győr.


The website of the Filmfund Győr contains the common regional film and television archive of the Filmfund and the MEDIAWAVE.


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