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The MEDIAWAVE International Visual Art Foundation, called upon by the Hungarian Motion Picture Public Foundation and entrusted and supported by the Local Government of Győr, first in the country, started to build up the structure of the FILM FUND GYŐR and the potential survey activity of the city and the region.

The primary objectives of the FILM FUND GYŐR are:

- to establish, support and coordinate the film and television production of the region

- to support and coordinate the visual education potential of the      region

-  to initiate a regional film archive to supply televisions with films

- to support and coordinate the regional film professional    conferences and festivals.

The aim of the project is to map and coordinate the film, television and media potential of the region and the meeting of professionals and investors. Thus, the project will support the local settlement and resource-making of film, television and media industry and the creation of  professional and educational backgrounds.

The public task of the FILM FUND GYŐR is to support the utilization of films and programmes in televisions, on the internet and in other media and to coordinate the events, competitions and festivals presenting film art.

The major public activity of the project tends to raise and attract the attention of the film and media industry  (recently it is centered in Budapest in 95%) towards the city and the region. (In 2007, about 60  billion HUF (!!!) was spent in Hungarian media industry both nationally and internationally.)

The goal of the FILM FUND GYŐR is to create first temporary and later permanent workplaces for different experts, performers and craftsman of the city and the region. A film shooting, beside local actors and actresses, can involve quite a wide circle of craftsman and specialist  like fine artists (set, design), writers, composers, musicians, lightmen, technical specialists, hairdressers, transporters, hotels, restaurants and other special craftsmen (dressmakers, leather-craftsman, etc.).

The presence of film shootings definitely attracts tourists as it can be well demonstrated in other cities where shootings have taken place. So secondarily it can effect the development and liveliness of ecomomics as well.

The FILM FUND GYŐR is a public coordinating team which settles the different activities of media industry in Győr, trains a group of experts, collects and publishes cultural, local television and film values. Its preliminary aim is to develop "the visual memory of Győr" which, hopefully, will join the film and television archives of the region. The result can be a unique, regional film archive.

With yearly raising standard, the FILMFUND GYŐR intends to realise these objectives with involving local, regional and international partners and investors and with applying for international regional EU supports.


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kreshnik hoti 2015.11.11. 10:38
I would like to talk whith u.

Eerdenburg, Peter 2009.09.13. 16:53
I am a man with 25 years of experience in film and TV set painting. I wish to live in Hungary and have a house in Tamasi. What are the( my) opportunities of finding work in your film-and TV industry?

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