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Film Camp of the Analog Artists Film Academy

August, 2009, Öreg lake, Tata



The participants will leave the camp with a 10 min long short film and they can also get an insight into classical dramaturgy. The students shoot and edit their films in groups of five. If you have a camera, bring it, please.

Fee: 45.000 HUF, including accomodation and meal (in two-bedded wooden houses).
Entry: gabriella.petrovics@analogartists.com

Further information: www.analogartists.com




Film Camp

August, 2009 Bakonyság


The participants will get acquainted with all the phases of film making ranging from the film plan through screenplay writing, shooting and editing to the completed film. The frame and basic topic of the films are planned to be the local facilities, the countryside and the people living there. The technique is digital but it is possible to use Super 8mm film.

Entry deadline: June, 2009

Entry: Send a film plan and a short CV to the following e-mail: filmtabor@tvn.hu

Fee: 54.000 Ft (including accomodation (www.saghaz.hu), meal, training and raw material costs.)


MEDIAWAVE International Summer Art Camp

film - photo - blues - architecture
July, 2008, Ravazd

MEDIAWAVE International Summer Art Camp attempts to serve as a background for those students from universities and colleges, who have really strong filmmaker or photographer ambitions. The camp concetrates on the professional work, it cannot provide any kind of pedagogical control. We’re looking forward mainly those young participants who don’t want only to have a pleasant holiday here, but who want first of all to study and, in addition who have enough fanatism for being able to show, to express their own talent.

Entry deadline: July, 2009
You can find further information about the camp here!



Szellemkép XV Photo- and Film Art Camp
July, 2009, Pacsa

The 10th art camp will be held in Pacsa, Zala county. You can enter to the following sections:

On photo faculty:
Creative photography in practice
Autonomus report
Archaic techniques, Camera Obscura
Beginner digital course
On film faculty:
Beginner video
Intermediate video, Super 8 mm
Film lab
Video technique, editing

Entry deadline: 30 June, 2009

Tel: 1/321-3637, 06-30-991-0319
Further information: www.szellemkep.hu, szellemkep@c3.hu


Rehearsal Theatre- Film- and Media Camp
July, 2009, Balatonföldvár



We await for every participant between the age of 18-26 who has anything to do - either professionaly or on amateur level - with theatre and film art and interested in the world of media.


Fee: 45.000 Ft

Tel.: 0620/ 508 28 01


Further information and entry form: www.osszproba.hu





Faludi Film Camp

1-8 July, Piliscsaba


The camp gives a good opportunity to the participants to practice and attempt with film making while doing things together like getting to know each other and organising a film crew together.

Entry deadline: 6 June
Fee: 35 000 HUF, including accomodation and meal
E-mail: film@faludiakademia.hu

Tel.: 411-08-25; Fax.: 327-40-56

Further information and entry form can be downloaded from here.




Forever Film Camp
June-July, 2009, Belvárosi Cinema, Szeged

The participants watch a film every morning and they get to know everything connected to film making.

Entry deadline: 23 June, 2008
Age group: 10- 14 years
Price: 13 900 HUF/person/5 days, including costs of the excursion and meal
Information: +36/62/ 423-638




PASSPORT CONTROL 11 International Film, Photo and Music Workshops

23 April - 2 May, Győr


You can read about the previous workshops here!

The aim of the „PASSPORT CONTROL” project is to help the artistic activity and cooperation of the young people from Europe and the different regions of Asia in international context. The workshop chose film, photo, art critics and music to be the means of transmission through cultures.

You can find more information about the workshop here!




"Képköznapok" 2008 Film Camp
20 March, 2008, Dunaszekcső

The main profile of the program is to support amateur film making. As additional programs, there are screenings every night and concerts at the weekend.

Entry: www.kepkoznapok.blogspot.com
Information: Csátich Renátó - Control Studio Film Association

Tel: 20/349-7531
Email: rendzsaw@gmail.com


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